David Wilson is a Performance Tennis Coach and Educator from Ireland. He is a Ph.D graduate in the field of Education from Trinity College Dublin and is qualified to the highest level as a coach with Tennis Ireland.  He takes up-to-date educational research and applies it to tennis teaching. David has spoken at several international events, including the ITF Worldwide Conference and the Tennis Europe Annual Conference.  His articles have appeared in publications such as the ITF Coaching and Sport Science Review.  

How do elite players learn to make effective decisions in high pressure situations?  Why do some top players progress through the pro ranks, while others fade away?  As coaches, how can we best identify what needs to be trained when and how in a tennis environment?  A study of learning theory provides the answers to these and other questions for coaches. The aim is to challenge coaches to question their current strategies, to look for efficiency improvements in their existing approaches and to provide a foundation for planning future practice with their players. Links to samples of this work and to examples of current presentation topics, appear below...

Examples of Current Presentation Topics

Learning From The Best - How elite performers in other fields improve, rehearse and perform.

The Fine Line - Finding ways to improve at the top level of performance.

Effective Practice - Combining drills, live competition and point simulations to maximise learning and muscle memory.  

Assessing the benefits and challenges of common coachig methodologies for tournament players.

Skills and drills for developing teamwork in doubles.

Samples of Previous Work

David is a regular speaker at tennis events (in recent years for example, he has presented in Spain at the ITF Worldwide Conference, in Estonia and Antwerp at Tennis Europe Annual Conferences, in Ireland at the Tennis Coach Ireland Annual Conference and in the United States at the Ohio Tennis Coaches Association Annual Clinic). See below to watch a recent presentation. Samples of David's work have been published in journals, including:

- The Foundations of Learning, A Fresh Perspective on Common Coaching Methodologies (click HERE and see pages 12/13).

- Pedagogical Factors Contributing to the Development of Top Juniors (click HERE and see pages 2/3).

- A Research Project for the ITF During the Development of the 'Play and Stay' Initiative (click HERE and see pages 19/20).

- Click HERE to see David's 'Experts' profile on the ITF Tennis iCoach website.


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