Leaving Cert Accounting

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For the price of one grind, you can receive access to worked video tutorials for 22 key topics. Yes, that's just one payment of €55, to cover the entire series of video lessons! These instructional videos take previous Leaving Certificate exam questions and work through them step by step, with solutions, explanations and exam tips. CLICK HERE to view a free short sample video on one of the recent Final Account Adjustments. Once subscribed, the full video collection will be available for you to watch over and over, as you work through topics yourself.

The 22-video lesson series covers worked solutions for Absorption Costing, Cash Budgets, Cashflow Statements, Club Accounts, Correction of Errors, Departmental Accounts, Depreciation of Fixed Assets, Farm Accounts, Final Account Adjustments, Flexible Budgets, Incomplete Records (A), Incomplete Records (B), Interpretation of Accounts, Introduction to Double Entry, Manufacturing Accounts, Marginal Costing, Product Costing, Production Budgets, Published Accounts, Service Firms, Stock Costing, and Tabular Statements.

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Click on the 'Buy Now' link below to make your €55 payment. This will open a Stripe payment page and you can use any Debit/Credit card to pay. On the payment form, when prompted for an email address please use a Gmail address - The videos will be shared with you by email and work only with Gmail accounts (not with Hotmail, Yahoo, or any other email providers). Within 24 hours you will receive a confirmation email to activate your full access.

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Leaving Certificate Accounting - Tutorial Series

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